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Aeternal Mentis is a technology services company dedicated to providing other businesses with the infrastructure and services needed for the development of AI models and their subsequent implementation for everyday use. Its business activity is centered around the leasing of computational capacity for the generation and training of Artificial Intelligence models, as well as aiding and advising in their development.

Over the coming years, the company will invest heavily in specialized AI infrastructure that allow for the continued incorporation of processing capacity and AI services in real time. Additionally, it will attract talent and human resources to take part in the development of AI projects.

The exponential increase in needs that a large number of companies and public organizations worldwide, across various sectors have shown gives the company the opportunity to establish an infrastructure designed specifically for AI, located in a data center in Europe that is able to provide independent and secure computational services.

All companies or entities that can benefit from the use of Artificial Intelligence models that allow them to reduce costs or increase sales through data processing and the automation of processes are potential clients.

Aeternal Mentis is currently operating using a pilot plant that is supporting a series of pilot projects from varying sectors, which serve to attract future demand for the services from a wider range of clients.

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